Preparing To Go

   Planning a Disaster Relief Mission
(download in PDF format)

 Please feel free to use, change or combine any of our Disaster Relief procedures. We have found the following forms to make our act of love easier. I hope they can encourage and lighten your load.

  1. Application:  This is for anyone who wants to be involved with a team. The questions are helpful with Church affiliation, health, special dietary needs, shots and skills. Team leader should know their team.
  2. Thanks for Volunteering:   This is for staying in contact while in between Disasters.  Also, allowing us to minister to the volunteers.

While waiting on the opportunity to serve, stay in touch with the volunteers. Let them know you are praying for them and see if they are still interested in being involved.  Remember disaster relief is not the same as a mission’s trip.

When you know of a disaster the next step is to make it official with your Church board.

  1. Board Itinerary/Approval:   This is for tax exempt donations. After the board makes the trip official then all donations are tax exempt.
  2. Receipt:  Send a receipt to each donor.

After the Team leader contacts the receiving Base location and information and determines a team is needed, it is at this point applicants can be contacted for commitment.

  1. Relief Team Information:    This form gives confident information for the receiving Coordinator in the Base Camp of Disaster.
  2. Trip Itinerary:      After the team is prayerfully built, then the approximate cost for each person and the job responsibilities can be disbursed.
  3. Bookmarks:   Let the Lord give you a special verse and allow the Holy Spirit to guide the prayer request. Place this information with the team names on it and hand it out in each fellowship represented as a colorful bookmark.  You will be covered in prayer.
  4. Permission Release:  This is for the youth under 18.  My suggestion would be no one under 18 on a Disaster relief but this is up to each team leader.
  5. Volunteer Release & Wavier of Liability: This is crucial for all team members to fill out.  The liability on disaster trips can devastate the church and team.
  6. Participant Liability Release: This form is generic and may not be needed. Each Disaster Base Camp usually has their own form to fill out.
  7. Relief Team Information:   This form serves your team.  It will inform them as to what each job they are responsible for and to comfort them with basic answers to the frequent asked questions. The what-when-where-why!! This also helps the team leader from many interruptions with the “what can I do?” often asked.
  8. Owner’s Job Approval:  This form is used for each home owner to fill out and each team leader to finalize. This is an evaluation of what work needs to be completed in each situation.
  9. Thank you:  The thank you note is for the team leader to encourage and let the team members know how much they were appreciated and used by God.


Team Leader: Take with you on trip–            All Forms! Plus Envelope for all receipts—plus map of destination—plus T-shirts (same color/or designed helps when you are counting your team)

Team Member: Give to each member a copy of the Relief Team Information prior to leaving. Call each member prior to departure for last minute prayer, answered questions and special requests.

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