Servant Senders depends on financial gifts from individuals like you to support missionaries, offer training to church members and prospective missionaries, and send disaster aid. Please prayerfully consider how you could be a part of this ministry.


To donate online, click the link above and create an account or log in to an existing account. Then click the “New Donation” button and select “Servant Senders” from the list.

You can also give by mailing a check made out to “Horizon Central” with “Servant Senders General” or “Admin” (for Cassie) in the memo.

Thank you for your generosity!


1 reply to Donate
  1. Servant Senders is currently looking for a vehicle, suitable for towing the trailer. It should also be able to carry at least four passengers and additional cargo. 4×4 would be a plus but not a requirement.
    (A short bed, crew cab pickup for example.)
    Please contact us at (317) 917-0450 if you are able to provide something along this line.

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