Sasha’s Story

The first time I arrived in Kiev, Ukraine was the beginning of a great love for the people and the country. Sasha was one of the first Ukrainians I met. Little did I know of the great love & respect I would have for this dear friend. I have learned much over the years from Sasha’s wisdom & faith.

Ukraine was invaded early 2014 by Russian military; I happened to be in Ukraine at this humbling moment in history. I watched the Calvary Chapel Kiev church come and set up a prayer tent, gather gloves and other items for the Ukraine soldiers. Seeing Maidan in such brokenness brought us to our knees and our hearts were crying for God to have mercy on Ukraine. After a time, the Russian army took over cities in the southern and eastern regions and this brought division to the families of these regions. Sasha was involved almost immediately by bringing water, food, blankets, and personal items to the eastern villages. This began a great love in her heart for the people as well as the soldiers, so she began handing out literature with the gospel and her testimony, and many believed. A new chapter in Sasha’s life.

Sasha was recognized for her love of Jesus, faithfulness, and heart for the people of Ukraine.

Sasha was invited to villages to help with widows, orphans, and soldiers. Everywhere she went soldiers would show up. She knew the urgency in getting involved because they could die any moment, without knowing Jesus. Stanitsa Luhanska is a settlement in eastern Ukraine, about two miles from the Russian border. Towns and people are war-torn. Houses and businesses reveal the destruction with emptiness and brokenness. Sasha was recognized for her love of Jesus, faithfulness, and heart for the people of Ukraine by her pastors and the head chaplain for the army. She was invited to be chaplain. After much prayer she decided to accept. Only God could have opened this door for her to cross into.

Sasha now is involved with hospital visits, helping young girls who are stressed out and falling in love with soldiers, cooking, driving to villages, shopping, delivering items, cleaning, purchasing medicines, and, most importantly, bible studies and praying with those in battle fatigue. She serves soldiers and civilians.

She describes her first two nights in Stanitsa, in November of 2014, as “the worst days of her life.” The house she was to call home and use for ministry had holes in the roof from missiles, wasn’t heated (by the her third day the soldiers had found two heaters), had no running water (so no bathroom), and had no mattress – she slept on bed slats. The living situation left her feeling lonely.

Despite the challenges, Sasha is grateful and would not trade a moment. And through this work she has learned to totally depend on God while leading people to God’s love.

Please pray for Sasha Andriyashina and her labor of love. If you want to support her please make checks out to:

Horizon Missions (with a note for Sasha)
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Or give online here. Select “Missions Support – Sasha Andriyashina” from the list in the “Missionary Support” section.